The Guernica Prize for Literary Fiction – Deadline: April 30, 2020 at midnight

The Guernica Prize recognizes the best literary fiction novel that pushes boundaries and is cutting edge. Each entry must be an unpublished novel of at least 40,000 words.

A $50 entry fee (online submission through Submittable only) must accompany each submission. Authors may submit more than one submission. The name of the author should appear nowhere in the submission.

The prize consists of $1,000 and a publication contract with Guernica Editions.

The jury will be announced along with the shortlist.

Please name your file your story title or the first three words of the story title if the title is longer than three words. Each entry must be submitted separately online and each requires an entry fee.

The Guernica Prize is open to Canadian citizens and/or residents of Canada only.

The closing date for the Guernica Prize for Literary Fiction is 30 April, 2020 at midnight.

See previous winners: 

An Idea About My Dead Uncle (K.R. Wilson, 2018)

This Cleaving and This Burning (J.A. Wainwright, 2019)

The Shade Tree  (Teresa Shea, 2020) forthcoming

Brevity is the soul of wit, as William Shakespeare wrote in one of his longer plays, Hamlet. Flash Fiction, brief stories, have become one of the most exciting sub-genres of contemporary fiction. Canadian flash fiction has been under-represented in the nation's literature though many notable writers have practiced the art of the short short story in literary magazines and on many new and exciting blogs. 

In This Will Only Take a Minute: Canadian Flash Fiction, Guernica Editions is looking for short short stories by Canadian writers. Stories should be at at minimum six words in length to a maximum length of 500 words. We are looking for short stories from across the entire spectrum of Canadian writing. They should be short enough to read on a bumpy bus ride and rich enough to please the most serious fiction aficionado. The stories can be on anything from stark realism to science fiction. 

The anthology is open to all Canadian writers, with LGBTQ2S writers, writers of colour, encouraged to submit flash stories for consideration. Tell your story, but tell it with precision.       

In addition to the anthology, Guernica Editions is offering a $200 prize for the best flash fiction story selected for the anthology. The editor (Bruce Meyer) and the publisher (Michael Mirolla) are both practitioners of the flash fiction, and the volume will feature one or two stories by each of them in a         special addendum to the anthology. Publication of the anthology is scheduled for 2022. The deadline for submissions is December 31, 2021.

Submission Fee: In each submission batch you may submit up to five stories with a fee of $10.00 for the first story; $5.00 for succeeding stories. Submit as often as you wish, but be aware that each new group of submitted stories will require another $10.00 initial submission fee for the first story and $5.00 per story thereafter per batch. 

**Please make sure to submit all the stories in one group (up to five) in a single attachment **

Guernica Editions